Thursday, November 27, 2008

Crunky and Other Korean Snacks

I was going to make my next blog about the kids because I have already made so many observations but right now I am very interested in snacks, so I will blog about them. Today in one of my classes, the kids were eating squid. SQUID. Dried squid. Possibly similar to meat jerky. I don't know exactly but it doesn't smell good. (Technically, they are not supposed to eat in class but they reasoned that since I was chewing gum, they should eat squid and since I am ever the disciplinarian, I didn't argue.) The kids love to share their food so I have tried all sorts of snacks here. Most of them are pretty good. A little different but not too odd. Not everything is squid. Today I tried some corn chips that were softer than corn chips I am used to and a little sweet. My favorite things so far is Mychu. I don't know the spelling because its all in Korean, but when the kids see them, they always yell "MYCHU!" (Or my chew?). Anyway, good stuff. Like soft fruity taffy.

Today I stopped at Lotte Mart (Lotte is the new Target) on the way home. What was I looking for? I forgot but I got caught up in snacks. And I bought the crunky. Crunky is like a Crunch bar, maybe? I don't know. I haven't tried it yet. But Crunky! CRUNKY! Come on. That's funny. Crunky. There are lots more crazy snacks. I will continue to share in the future.

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