Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heather moves to Korea

My trip went very smoothly. No long lines, no hassles. I had packed 2 large suitcases, trying not to pack too heavily and exceed the 50 lb each weight limit. I didn't. The bags were around 35 and 37 pounds each, which caused me to spend what hours I was awake dwelling on the 20 lbs more of clothes and shoes I could have jammed in there. I also had a carry on bag and my laptop bag jammed with stuff but leaving for at least a year? I don't think its easy without a uhaul involved. Because my flight was ultimately international, I arrived at the airport about 3 hours early. I had about 2 1/2 hours to spare. At least the Hartford airport had WIFI. Hartford to D.C. I missed the pretzels because I was sleeping. I sat in a middle seat. To my left was a lady o imbibing in a morning cocktail. Afterwards, she watched tv without the headphones. She laughed and gesticulated madly. I slept most of the way. The second leg of my flight was from Washington DC to Tokyo. I sat by myself and used 2 pillows and 2 blankets. The plane was enormous as I guess it would have to be in order to carry enough fuel to get us that far. It took about 17 hours. And it was about 7,000 miles. I became obsessed with the map that showed where we were. Especially near the International Date Line. I wanted to watch us cross but for a while we seemed to be flying parallel to the line so I gave up and went to sleep. I was really impressed with Alaska. I saw mountains that were very thickly covered in snow and what I think were glaciers. I would fly over Alaska again in a heartbeat. The food was abundant and actually very good. They served like 4 meals. I kept waking up to more food sitting there. I think I slept a good amount. I also watched parts of Get Smart and that Step Brothers movie with Will Ferrell. I was a little disappointed because the people going in the other direction (Tokyo to Washington) had a better selection of movies. One of the flight attendants was kind of rude but I didn't have to interact with her much and it wasn't just that she was rude to me, she was rude to everyone. I even heard other flight attendants talking about her. My feet and ankles and I think part of my legs got so swollen and stayed that way for days. I took off my shoes for most of the flight and they barely fit when I put them back on. Last flight was Tokyo to Seoul. Again I sat alone and used both blankets and pillows. During take off, we had to wait in line and it probably took like 45 minutes to get off the ground. I had headphones on and I was sort of dozing. Well, they kept playing this one song. When the plane would move it would start to play and then when the plane would stop it wouldn't stop. Then when it moved again the song would start over. It's not a horrible song but I definitely had my fill of it for a while. I was going to try not to sleep so that I would be good and tired to sleep through the night and make it easier to get on my new schedule. I did sleep though. A lot. I think I am doing pretty well though in adjusting to the time change. When I got off the last plane, I sailed through immigration and customs, and my bags were just coming out when I reached the turnstile. There was only a small line to exchange money and then the person who was picking me up recognized me right away. Besides a little turbulence on the descent to and ascent from Tokyo, and a moment in during the first flight where it sounded like there was something not working right with the landing gear, everything went so smoothly, its hard to believe. I expect my return flight may end up like that show lost, just to even it out.

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  1. I think YOU were the crazy lady downin' the booze in the HOTEL Connecticut! I'll believe you're in Korea when I see it.
    IF your return trip is anything like Lost just don't go traipsing into the woods after the mysterious tree shaking and don't let them do anything to your baby.