Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Last Sunday it snowed here. I had just been relaying to my mother how I had heard that no, it really didn't snow that much here and then my neighboring coworker came up and told me to look out my window. Here's what I saw.

Normally I hate snow because I have always had to manage it. But this snow was great. Elizabeth (my coworker) was really excited and it was infectious. I bundled up and we went decided to walk to Lotte Mart in it. We also took lots of photos. These are right outside our door.

Here we are in the snow. It was fun. It also warmed up the air. The previous 2 days had been unbearably cold. After that it wasn't nearly as bad. So it was a really positive snow experience. I was kind of sad when it started raining a couple of hours later and melted it all away.

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  1. Hi cousin Heather, Merry Christmas. Nice pics, nice smile, you look happy. Me, Marlene, Justin, Emily, and Nana, miss you. We hope you are having a great christmas even though you are not with us. Merry christamas and be safe.