Friday, December 19, 2008


So I think its become pretty clear that this blog of mine will never follow any clear linear path. Its subject to my whims and may leave out entire chunks of my world here and focus instead on things like funny Korean snacks (Crunky!) and funny Korean brands (Mr. Pizza!). And while those of you who know me best may have expected this from me, as I have never put my pictures in order and can't even load the dishwasher efficiently (we prefer organizationally challenged), I have decided to piggyback myself on to some other blogs. Maybe you have noticed these blogs on my page and clicked on them (or maybe my page doesn't lead you to them since I have no idea what I am doing as far as the layout goes) but if you ever find yourself thinking "I love Heather's blog and everything but I really wish I knew what she was getting up to over there in Korea" you can check out the blogs of my coworkers. They are much better picture takers and documenters (is that right? Surely its not documentarians? That would be someone who makes documentaries?) than I am. And also the activities here tend to happen in packs.

Dore The Explorer

Dore's blog is great. Her photographs are way better than mine and she has blogs dedicated to describing the other foreign teachers at our school (a task I probably wouldn't be up to), including a very flattering blurb about myself which I believe makes her very astute. Her blogs are also very focused. If I am organizationally challenged, then Dore is organizationally stellar. And it was Dore's blog that gave me the idea for bloggybacking in the first place because her blog referenced mine and Elizabeth's blogs and I thought I should really direct my friends to her blog. So check out Dore's blog.

So let's start by saying that what she probably meant was Crunky in Korea. This is Elizabeth's blog. She is from Texas so maybe Krunk is something from Texas or someone from Texas? I think I asked her once but I don't remember the answer. Elizabeth takes a million pictures and her blogs are packed with details. Don't let her most recently slowed blogging activity fool you. Elizabeth has been sick a lot recently but I think that once she gets acclimated, her blogging will be back on. And did you know that Elizabeth and I both went to the same college (although we didn't know each other and we only overlapped for about a year)? You would if you read Dore's or Elizabeth's blogs but I don't think that I have mentioned it yet.

So I don't really have any pictures to go with this blog. And I won't even count this blog towards my secret internal goal of 1 blog per week that I never vocalized because I didn't think I would adhere to it (and I'm still not sure). But I will post some random pictures that I like. These were taken on the bus, The Party Bus. Or The Christmas Bus. I'd like to call it The Party Bus in hopes of it sticking around past Christmas but I think its only The Christmas Bus. Anyway, it sure got the party started. I also added Dore at the Peter Pan Bakery because I thought that the computer thought I was trying to make a square of pictures but the preview showed them stacked. But I think it works anyway because of the Christmas lights. There was one of me there too, but I looked like a weird, pale turtle so I didn't use it.


  1. I think it's time you consulted the Urban Dictionary.

    There was also an episode of America's Next Top Model in which the girls did a photo shoot for Payless Shoes and had to interact with some krunkin' clowns (or is it klowns?)

  2. You look so dark and mysterious now!
    I mean, you always had a mysterious quality...