Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vacation Week 1

I had this week off from work. Most of the time I just roamed around here, slept in, did shopping and some exploring but there were a few things I did that were pretty interesting. First I went to Myeong Dong my friend Aska. That was the best place ever. Myeong Dong is My(eong) Favorite! There was lots of shopping, beautiful lights, and street vendors. I can't think of anything I enjoy more than street vendors. Buying something in a store is better than alright but there is just something so much more exciting about buying something from the side of the road. I would have been a sucker for those traveling salesmen from the olden days who came through with those wooden carts. Sometimes when I am buying something from a street vendor, I think about the Teddy Ruxpin movie my brother had where somebody bought some sort of hair growth stuff from a traveling salesman and it just made plants grow on his head. I bought some shoes and tights from street vendors and the street snacks were delicious! We also watched these guys make this treat where they start off with a hard block of honey, poke holes in it, and stretch it into thousands of fine hair-like strips with corn flour. Then they cut it up and wrap it around chopped nuts and things. It was a very good show and actually a very tasty treat. The guys were very charming and there were Japanese, Americans, and Koreans watching so they chanted everything in all 3 languages. And quite honestly, if I hadn't watched them being made and enjoyed myself so much, I probably wouldn't have put anything in my mouth that looked that hairy but I am glad I tried them. Delicious. Aska says they are even better out of the freezer. I wish I had captured their performance on camera (don't worry - my New's Years Resolution is to take more and better photos!) but I found someone else did on youtube. I think its different guys and they are only chanting in English but its the same place and the process is still impressive!

Aska and Heather with the card guard guy from Alice In Wonderland Dressed up for Christmas? Lotte Department Store, Meyong Dong

We bought some things. Aska is exploring purple. And I got the shoes I have been coveting for probably a year now. We were happy with our purchases.

Now it wasn't even the shopping that I loved about Myeong Dong. It was the atmosphere. And I wish I could describe it and I have tried in the huge paragraph that precedes this but I don't know that I have succeeded. Myeong Dong is AWESOME.

I have decided to stop here and make a second part to this blog because I am not sure of what will happen if the file is too big and I have quite a few pictures to post for the next part.

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