Monday, January 5, 2009

A Poem by Rooney

First of all, let me point out my new classy blog layout. This is, in part, thanks to Dore because she told me that I could actually change my layout without being a computer genius web designer and she also told me about the website where I found such a cute layout:

OK So I know I said I was going to do a 3rd installment of my Vacation Week blog and I will still do that soon but I just wanted to post this real quick.

Because I teach at a hagwon, which is like supplementary school that the parents sign the kids up for and pay for, we tend to lose and gain students all of the time. When I got back to school today, I realized that one of my favorites was gone. This kid was not a great student and sometimes he was a pain but he was funny. He was in this class of 5 boys that are probably in their early teens. This class is sometimes hilarious, often frustrating, and never goes as planned. A recent unit in our book was on poetry (Why are we teaching poetry to a bunch of teenage boys who are still trying to learn English?). They were being difficult around that time so I extended the unit by making them write more poems, stand up and read their poems out loud in front of the class (my own form of torture) and, finally, rewriting their poems with my corrections and illustrating them. I threatened to hang them all up in the hallway, but in the end, I only hung one up above my desk. The following poem "The Bear is Terrible" is by Rooney. The illustrations are wonderful and I really hope you can see them clearly in the photo.

The bear is terrible

The bear is scary

The bear sees people and thinks they are cute

The people die

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  1. I think Rooney is amazing!
    I'm sorry I missed your call! What a terrible feeling to know I missed your call and couldn't call you back.
    I will be working on the webcam this week.