Thursday, February 19, 2009

Building 63 Aquarium!

Dore and I went to the aquarium, "Seaworld" at Building 63. We saw lots of amazing stuff and they had this Dr. Fish set up where you could put your finger tips in and the fish would eat the dead skin off of your hand! I couldn't get enough. We also saw a diver with a tutu and a tiara on. And an itchy otter. And lots of great fish that weren't going to end up as dinner, which was the point of going for me. It was nice.

Dore and Dore.

Otters Jellyfish

Piranha? Eels.

Lobster Princess Diver

Feed the Penguins Rays

Monitor Pregnant Seahorse Dad

Shark!!! Dr. Fish

Help! Pretty

This was the one of the last things I saw at the aquarium. I thought it was a beautiful octopus.

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