Monday, February 23, 2009

Olympic Park, "Fortress," and Pit Huts

A few weeks ago, while my computer was down, we had a Saturday meeting for school. This meeting was FAR AWAY and so some of the other teachers and I decided to explore that area while we were down there. We started off in Olympic Park. It was pretty neat and there was a flame and lots of people roller blading. Right by, there is a building that looks like a glass cathedral.

Next we tracked down the "fortress."

Apparently fortress translates to big field in Korean. But thats okay. It was still beautiful.

Next we went to the Amsadong Prehistoric Settlement sites. There were pit huts and old ceramics. It was interesting. There were tons of manequins everywhere and you could make a print of a secret agent badge.

And who doesn't love a place where you can stick your face through a cardboard hole and take a really great picture?

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  1. LOVE the last photos & the one of the bodiless hands making pottery!