Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watch your head! Okay!

Dore and Heather's day of fun! Last weekend, Dore and I went on an Adventure Korea trip. We had to leave REALLY EARLY and it was all outdoor stuff but I had a good time. We started off on a ferry. Then we had a ferry transfer to another ferry. On the 2nd ferry the scenery got exponentially more beautiful. And we saw a very famous mountain.

Then we went to the Gosu caves. We saw no bats but it was cool anyway. This was my first caving experience and it seemed really huge. According to Dore, some of the cave was alive and some was dead.

After the caves we went to this place with 3 rocks in a formation that tells this story. I guess there was this couple who couldn't have a child so they got a mistress to have one for them and things got bad and now they are angry rocks. Something like that.
At the same place there was this "hike" we went on. Mostly it was climbing stairs. First we climbed up to the gazebo in the first picture. Then we kept going to this wooded area where there was this giant stone arch- 2nd picture. We were able to walk across the arch. It was so high but the view was beautiful- 3rd picture. It was pretty awesome. And exhausting.


  1. i think the glasses are my favorite!
    hazel wants a pair for her birthday.
    i told her it was rude to demand certain things for her birthday...then she cried and said she wanted to move away and live with heather in korea so she can get the glasses herself whenever she wants.

  2. please tell Hazel that I said that it is not rude at all to demand presents, on your birthday or on any other day. it's also acceptable to remind people that your birthday is coming (as mine is... March 27) at regular intervals for about a month and put it on everybody's calendar. and she is always welcome.