Monday, March 23, 2009

Lotte World - a wicked good time.

So I (FINALLY) went to Lotte World and it was Fantastic. Lotte World is the largest indoor amusement park in the world, I think. Part of the park was outdoor though and both parts were equally fun. And the people working there waved at you with both hands. This is something I am trying to implement. It's hard to do all of the time because my hands are usually full but I sure am trying. I definitely want to go back.
Most of my photos were taken indoors, from a balloon ride that brought you around the indoor part. SO fun. Indoors there was all sorts of weird entertainment. I didn't get any photos of the entertainers but at one point, the stage was shared by Peter Pan characters and Wizard of Oz characters. Here is a video I took of some animatron monkeys playing instruments.
It was Masquerade Festival so all of the people working there were wearing feathers in their hair and there was a fantastic parade. There was a song that went "mask festival, mask festival, mask festival - YEAH!" Or something like that. Below is a photo of the parade. Here is a video I took of the parade.
The outdoor part was called Magic Island. I didn't really take many photos outside but here are a few. Seriously, what a fun place.

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