Friday, May 8, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival!!!

So, lately I haven't been a very good blogger. However, I have made a mid-year resolution to get back on the ball. The weather warmed, the flowers bloomed and I somehow became an outdoor kid. In April, there was a Cherry Blossom Festival. It took 2 attempts on 2 consecutive weekends but I got there. It was very beautiful. There wasn't much as far as the festival: I did have some cotton candy and there was a police parade. (police mascot) There were also some dancers and a guy juggling fire maybe but when we got up there, he had just stopped with the fire and was juggling knives instead. Boring. The cherry blossoms were lovely. We also saw this lady with super crazy hair. It was sort of a mullet but the back was cut into 2 really long layers. Like maybe 1 layer ended at her shoulder blades and the other one ended at her ass (there were no layers in between). The hair was black. EXCEPT probably about the last 3 inches of each layer. And the bottom of the "bangs." They were red. And it wasn't like a natural red. No. It was bright manic panic red. It was fantastic. Kate and I took some glamour shots like all of the Koreans were except that being as not-tall as we are, we couldn't reach any flowers to pick. (Heather) (Kate) And, for those who don't know, when you are at the Cherry Blossom Festival, you MUST take photos with flowers either in your hair or in your hands, near your face. Or both. And it turns out that in Korea, it is okay to ask somebody else's boyfriend for flowers. So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

(Kate and Heather Glamour Shots)

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