Monday, May 18, 2009

Go (Doosan) Bears!!!

On Easter, I went to my first ever Baseball game. I used to say, "Baseball is boring. I don't like Baseball." And then people would say back, "You need to see it live and then you will like it." And then I would say, "No I don't think that's true."

But I was wrong. It was the Doosan Bears vs. the LG Twins (in Korea they don't pretend that its a town that owns the sports team, they are all called by the names of the corporations that own them). We sat in the Doosan Bears section and someone gave me some Doosan inflatable bats to bang together and instantly, I was a Doosan Bears fan. It was pretty exciting because Koreans LOVE baseball. They cheered the ENTIRE time. There were cheerleaders and confetti cannons and lots of signage and a wave that seemed to go on forever. At first the Doosan Bears were playing really poorly and I cheered thinking that they had no shot at winning. However, my spirit must have been just what the Bears needed for they came back at the end and ended up winning. Go Bears!

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