Friday, July 24, 2009

Poor Toby

This is Toby. He is a very emotional and highly excitable boy in his last year of Kindergarten. Toby plays air guitar, needs to be first at everything, and only really wants to use the blue crayons. He has an unhealthy obsession with puzzles and is known for his very own special brand of "Toby" fits and tantrums. He sometimes yells "Who likes Toby?" and raises his hand. Then when none of the other children raise their hands, he cries and wants to know "Why no one like Toby?" Clearly, he will already be needing lots of therapy if he ever wants to be a productive member of society. Toby does not need any new obstacles to be sent his way. So, the question is- WHY WOULD YOU PERM THIS CHILD?!?!?!?!?

I am of the opinion that perms don't look good on anyone. ESPECIALLY MEN (or boys as it were). To borrow some phrasing from my friend Adam (with whom I share an apparent shoe shopping bond)- I'm against them. I am really against them. I've never seen a perm I liked. Perms are bad. Mee Teacher said that maybe I just don't like that style. That is true. I don't like that style because it is ugly and looks bad.

So, to recap: A perm is a bad idea. A perm on Toby is Tragic.


  1. he's a korean warren! (minus the perm)
    so sad. I had a perm was as bad as it smelled...

  2. for the record, i do really love toby- issues and all.

  3. This is inappropriate.
    Love, dad

  4. I am so glad you addressed this. Now I don't feel like I need to write a blog about it because you've put the issue out there. Thanks, Heather. And for the record, Toby loves YOU.

  5. thanks Elizabeth. My parents think this post is mean, but I am just expressing my concern for Toby. And I think that Toby USUALLY loves me. But one day he said "I dont like Heather Teacher time. Heather Teacher time is no puzzles. Kaleen Teacher time is puzzles. I like Kaleen Teacher time."